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Our Philosophy  

We believe each individual is unique and that everyone has the right to move with fluidity and completely free from pain.

Our approach is to integrate the principles of Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® into everyday life to improve functionality in the things we need to do with our bodies on a daily basis.
King's Cross Studio - Our Philosophy
Listening, assessing, tailoring and applying these techniques is the cornerstone of our success and the motivation of our instructors, all of whom are recognized members of the Pilates Foundation UK and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM.® Each of our instructors is committed to maintaining the highest standard of teaching whilst also providing a personalised approach to clients and their physical needs.
What a special studio! How lucky I feel to be a part of it. You have made such a difference to my health and shape in such a short period of time. Kristin Breuss, Client